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Weekly Weigh In and Some Sandy Baby Toes


May 17, 2014 by BettyCupcakes

Just popping in to say “hi!” this afternoon.  Sam and I had a great morning.  After some cinnamon raisin English muffins and coffee (or milk) for breakfast, we headed off to the polls.  It’s election day in our little town so we did our civic duty.  Sam was thoroughly confused by the word “vote” so I said it’s when we pick people to be our friends in the town.  He seemed satisfied with that answer.

Then we were off to my first Weight Watchers meeting.  Down 1.8 already!  Love that I can lose weight without being obsessed with calories/food.  We stayed for part of the meeting and Sam participated.  When the leader asked who eats a banana with breakfast, his little hand shot up!  He also clapped for a man who lost 28 pounds- so supportive.

I promised him a trip to see the boats, so we left the meeting a little early and drove straight to the Hingham Farmers Market.

Hingham Farmers Market Massachusetts

It’s right on the beach in Hingham, which is an absolutely idyllic location for a farmers market.  A warm breeze blew in off the water and we wandered around and shared a cider donut from The Great Cape Baking Company.

Toddler Beach Walk

Then it was time to dip our toes in the water.  At first, he was a bit hesitant.

Baby on the beach

But then he saw some big boys tossing rocks in the water and running around barefoot…

Sandy Baby Toes

So, off came the socks and shoes!

Sandy Baby Toes

Hello, sandy baby toes.  I’m so happy to see you again.

What are you up to this weekend?

A Day in the Life…and some Holy donuts


May 16, 2014 by BettyCupcakes

I thought I’d do a day in the life post since my days are a little different now.  I blow dry my hair on the regular and I wear real pants every day.  I also spend a good amount of time prepping my food every day so that I can still eat real food.  This is especially important as I just joined Weight Watchers (again).  I don’t have a ton to lose, but I know that I can’t do it on my own.  Accountability is my friend!

photo (10)

5:20 am- Come downstairs to a pot full of coffee.  I set this bad boy up every night before I head to bed.  I usually add a little unsweetened almond milk and maybe a teaspoon of sugar and then- I chug while I prep lunch, do my hair and make up, fold laundry/take care of the dog/do dishes and watch the news.

photo (8)

6:00 am Breakfast #1 is a slice of crustless quiche with ham and broccoli eaten standing up at the kitchen counter in about 45 seconds.  I should probably chew more.

photo (7) 6:45 am Leave house and drive to work

7:30 am Arrive at work- check emails/voicemails/make a daily “to do” list

7:45 am Breakfast #2 Overnight oats with 1/3 cup old fashioned oats, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 tablespoon chia seeds, 1 teaspoon maple syrup, a dash of cinnamon, pinch of sea salt, and 1 small, diced pear

The morning breakfast routine was the hardest for me to figure out when I started working.  Even though I *big, puffy, heart* LOVE breakfast, even I cannot eat a meal at 5 am.  But waiting until almost 8 am is not an option.  I’ve tried eating during my commute- it’s doable, but not particularly fun.  My new system of some protein around 6 and then some carbohydrates around 7:30 seems to work pretty well.  Some days it almost holds me until lunch.

10:30 am unpictured bowl of frozen mango and frozen pineapple

photo (9)

11:30 am Lunch time!  It’s pretty normal to see people eating at work as early as 11 am- such is the life at a high school.  I’m totally digging on chopped salads lately.  I chop everything up into small pieces and then toss in a bowl.  Today’s combination was: 2 oz. rosemary ham, 1 1/2 cups chopped romaine, 1 medium carrot chopped, 1/8 of an avocado, diced, 1 green onion, chopped, with some lite olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette.   YUM!

1:45 pm Unpictured- 4 crackers and some grapes snagged from the senior awards snack table

And then…I pretty much stopped taking pictures of my day.  To sum up:

  • I finished work at 2:30 pm
  • Went to Trader Joe’s to do my weekly shopping and stocked up on red wine
  • Got stuck in rush hour traffic
  • Grabbed the wee one at daycare
  • Got home at 5:05 pm- set Sam on the couch to watch “Hotel Transylvania” for the 100th time (dude loves Dracula “blah bleh blah!”)
  • Boiled some butternut squash ravioli up for Sam’s dinner (it was AMAZING- from Trader Joe’s- I highly recommend), served it with sweet potato fries, rosemary ham, and applesauce.  I had two Trader Joe’s masala burgers, a few snagged ravioli, and an ice cream sandwich for dinner.
  • Convinced Sam to take a bed, read “Go Dog. Go!” 4 times, sang three songs, and rocked my sweet baby boy
  • Watched “Say Yes to the Dress” and folded laundry

TGIF, y’all.

And now, let’s talk about my favorite subject…


The Holy Donut Portland, ME

The Holy Donut in Portland, ME is a revelation.  Donuts made with real Maine potatoes.  They are dense and light all at the same time.

The Holy Donut Portland, ME

The Holy Donut Portland, ME

We tried the maple glazed, the dark chocolate sea salt, and the bacon cheddar donut.  Basically, it’s like a donut hot pocket and it is worth every single calorie.

The Holy Donut Portland, ME

 The shop itself is small, super cute, and totally retro.


Tomorrow morning is my first weigh in and then it’s on to the weekend adventures!

A Weekend In and Around Freeport, Maine


May 9, 2014 by BettyCupcakes

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to take a long weekend and getaway.  No laundry, no vacuuming, no cooking- just early bedtimes, long car rides, and lots of togetherness.  It was lovely.

We shacked up in the Holiday Inn Express in Freeport, ME and spent entirely too much time touring all of the L.L. Bean stores.  The wee one enjoyed watching the fish swim, trying to ride bikes that were too big, climbing on furniture, and growling at taxidermied bears.

LL Bean Freeport ME  LL Bean Freeport ME

The Booth Bay Harbor fisherman’s festival happened to be that weekend.  We braved some chilly temps and a whole lot of rain to look at some boats and meet some of the friendliest Mainers ever.

Boats in BoothBay Harbor ME

The police chief of Booth Bay Harbor, Bob, offered to open up a fire truck and let Sam climb inside.  He even offered a tour of the police cruisers if we return this summer.  Sam was in button-loving heaven.  Thanks, Chief Bob!

DSCN4298 SeaDog Brewery Topsham ME

On our last night in Maine, we went to the Sea Dog Brewery in Topsham for dinner.  Mom and dad enjoyed some brews and Sam enjoyed his first Oreo for dessert- dude totally twisted it open like a pro.  Color me impressed.

More to come on our coastal Maine adventure- The Holy Donut in Portland and Gather restaurant in Yarmouth, ME.

What’s your favorite quick getaway location?

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