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Brunching Babies- Tips to Taking Wee Ones To Restaurants |
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Brunching Babies- Tips for Taking Wee Ones to Restaurants


March 4, 2013 by BettyCupcakes

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Yesterday, we had to scoot out early because our buyers had their home inspection at 8 am.  Thankfully, our good ole house came through with only a few minor issues.  We’re one step closer to moving to our dream home- cannot wait.

Rather than wait it out at the in-laws’ house, we went to breakfast at Strawberry Fair in Norwell, MA.


This restaurant would be tacky if it weren’t so darn cute.  Every surface in decked out in strawberry kitsch.  Strawberry light fixtures, cookie jars, pictures, a strawberry-themed Christmas tree- they even sell strawberry decorated antiques in the front of the restaurant.


We were seated in the “kids room”- it was at the back of the restaurant and each table sat a guest under the age of 5.  I really liked this.  It left the front of the restaurant free to enjoy a leisurely meal and took the pressure off of us to keep Sam quiet.  ‘Cause y’all know that keeping an almost 11 month old quiet is like trying to find a mute button on a spotted hyena.

They also put drop cloths under the high chairs- such a great idea to collect all the spit out/thrown food goop.



The service was wonderful.  Our waitresses were warm and quick and super sweet to Sammy.

DSCN2295  DSCN2294

I got the breakfast pizza, an open-faced omelet topped with cheese, herbs, and spinach.  Nick got the New England breakfast with corned beef hash, baked beans, and two eggs.  Both dishes came with potatoes and cornbread. The food was ok- we both thought it was a bit overpriced and nothing special.  Nick’s corned beef hash was wicked salty.  And Sam’s fruit cup was $6- yikes!  The grilled cornbread was awesome, though.  Sweet and crumbly.

Tips for taking kiddos out to eat:

1. Bring your own food.  I’m not saying you need to pack a thermos of soup, but throwing a banana and some Cheerios in your bag can go a long way in cutting costs and delaying any “I’m starving!” meltdowns.

2. Go early.  Welcome to the early bird special.  Breakfast before nap or lunch after nap time are likely your best bets for getting a table quickly and keeping your child from being cranky and overtired.

3. Bring distractions.  This is not the time to show up empty-handed.  Bring a toy car, set of plastic car keys, chew-proof books, or other favorites.  Without these, your wee one will take to nomming the menu which is covered in germs.  Ew.

4. Leave the lingering for date night. You don’t have to chew and screw, but this isn’t the time for 5 cups of coffee, a three-course meal, or a heart to heart chat.

5. Keep your camera ready. Kids make some great faces when introduced to new foods and faces.  You wouldn’t want to miss a true Kodak moment.

6. Clean up. Do your share.  You don’t have to get down on the floor, but do try to contain the mess to make it easier to bus your table.

And lastly, tip well!


Do you take your children to restaurants?  What are your tips?


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