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Anatomy of a Cheese Plate |
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Anatomy of a Cheese Plate


March 5, 2013 by BettyCupcakes

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Though I may occasionally try to subsist only on sugar, I love savory snacks.  Every afternoon, Sammy and I have “tea” after his second nap.  He drinks some milk and has some Cheerios or bread and I brew up a cup of tea or just have a glass of water and a snack.  If I’ve made muffins, we’ll split one and I’ve been known to sneak an “O” or two off his tray.

As I was cleaning out our refrigerator on Saturday afternoon, I discovered 5 different types of cheese lurking in there.  And they were all still good!  Thus, afternoon tea became cheese + wine time (Sam enjoyed some raisin bread and cheddar cheese).

Cheese Snack Tray with wine and dates

A snack tray makes the afternoon munchies downright glamorous.  Ina Garten is the queen of easy elegance, so I took my cues from her.  She suggests a variety of cheeses- hard, soft, mild, and aromatic.  My favorite cheese on the tray was the blue cheese from Great Hill Blue which is made in Marion, MA. I found it in the specialty cheese case at my local Stop and Shop. Nice to find something local and unique at a chain.

The Dubliner was from Kerrygold and the Parmesan was from Bel Gioioso.  Both were well-balanced and tasty.  The goat cheese was from Trader Joe’s and the medium sharp cheddar is the Stop and Shop store brand.

As you can see, I didn’t completely skip the sweet stuff.  A fresh orange and a couple of dates paired well with the sharp and salty cheeses.  It makes me so happy to have little rays of citrus sunshine sitting on my counter during these gray, wet days.

Before y’all start to wonder about that glass of wine, let me mention that it’s a port glass which holds a little over an ounce.  Sometimes a gal just wants a sip or two, plus you won’t feel like a lush when you fill it a few times.  This Rex Goliath Moscato lives up to its description, “like sipping on liquid gold; deliciously sweet and refreshing with pretty floral aromas”.

What’s your favorite afternoon snack?

  • I love snack time with my kids after their naps too. Such a special time. I usually have a smoothie but now some cheese and wine sounds mighty fine for an afternoon snack. I’m with you on all the parts of a quality cheese plate!

    • BettyCupcakes says:

      I love smoothies in the summer time, but I feel like I need to drink them while wrapped up in a blanket when it’s cold out.

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