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Turn that frown upside down


March 18, 2013 by BettyCupcakes

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I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.  The “I’ve got no patience, stop your whining, why are there dirty clothes everywhere, I need a shower” side of the bed.

Things are starting to look up because:

  • Sam’s finally napping
  • I’m drinking my 2nd cup of coffee
  • The laundry’s almost done
  • I took a (5 minute) shower
  • Friends are coming over to play today
  • And I’m remembering what a great weekend I had.

Thursday night ended on a truly indulgent note: Thin Mint cookies sandwiched with Irish Coffee Cupcake Boozy Buttercream Heaven on a plate.

Thin Mints and Boozy Buttercream Frosting

Friday, Sam and I went to story time in our new town and then we had lunch at Panera.  He spent most of lunch like this:


And occasionally spun around to give me looks like this:


Love you, too, kid.

We also practiced eating crayons coloring. Check out that masterpiece.


Friday night I went out to dinner at Wicked Pizza in Dedham with my friends, Susan and Kristin.  It was so good to catch up- we used to get together almost every month, but since we all have little ones now it’s much harder to arrange schedules.  I loosened up with a Black Hops beer from the Blue Hills Brewery and ate a lot of pizza.  We had the Fig and Prosciutto pie and the Wicked Margarita pizza.  For dessert, we got the Salted Caramel Banana Pizza.  Yay for good food and great friends!

Saturday morning included whole wheat chocolate chunk pancakes, bacon, coffee, and a run.  It felt so good to get out there and sweat. Must convince myself to do that more often.  Our new house is surrounded by trails- can’t wait to explore!

Pancakes and bacon Whole wheat pancakes  Chocolate chip pancakes and bacon

We also went to our realtor’s St. Patrick’s Day party where Sam practiced working a room and giving open mouthed kisses to strangers.  Glad he’s not shy.

On Sunday, I ran again (who am I??) and then we took our little leprechaun over to Nana and Papa’s house for our yearly corned beef and cabbage dinner.  Before we ate, Nick, Matt (my brother in law), and I worked up an appetite by firing off a few rounds at the shooting range.  Brought out my inner-Texan and hit two bull’s-eyes.  Yeehaw!



Multiply this serving by 3 and you have what I ate yesterday.  I love corned beef and cabbage!


Sam had tofu, chicken, carrots, potatoes, and green puffs.



Did you have a wild or mild St. Patrick’s Day?

  • I feel you on waking up on the wrong side of the bed! I woke up with a horrible sore throat :-( Ugh, sickness strikes again! Luckily I forced myself to get outdoors for a little stroller strides which helped put me in a better mood :-)
    We had a very mild St. Patty’s Day weekend as well. A trip to visit family, a bodypump class and run as well as getting ready for the week. Actually a really nice low key weekend!

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