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Summer camp for adults? Yes, please!


March 20, 2013 by BettyCupcakes

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In the Wall Street Journal, there was an article earlier in the week about summer camps for adults, “The Best Summer Camps for Grown-Ups“.  For a pretty hefty fee, you can go to cowboy college in Arizona, Broadway fantasy camp , writing camp in the Hamptons,  or bird watching camp in Maine.   If I had a little more disposable income, I would surely sign up for Interlochen’s choral camp and sign my little heart out with a bunch of other 30-somethings.  I miss camp.

If you traveled back in time and asked 10-year-old Sarah what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would have told you “camp counselor”.

I was a summer camping queen.  I went to musical theatre camp where I learned all the words to “America” from West Side Story and was cast in the chorus because I can’t pirouette.  One summer was spent in art camp working on a paper mache elephant mask.  I went to summer camp at Sky Ranch from ages 7 to 16.  I learned how to shoot a rifle, paddle a canoe, play chubby bunny, clean a toilet, and sing a whole lot of hymns.  I loved every minute.

In fact, as my darling husband has pointed out, I dressed like a camp counselor for about 10 years.  For example: the

Camp Counselor with Granola Hat

You know you are jealous of my wide-brimmed hat and sunlight blocking clothes.

Camp Counselor Clothes

Post-hike up to Sterling Pond via Smuggler’s Notch in New Hampshire with my own wild thing.

Camp Counselor Clothes

Camp counselor hat

Camp counselor chic is still my go-to style.  Baggy t-shirts and cut off shorts for everybody!

Now, as a stay at home mom, I can fulfill my camp counselor dreams year round.  I get to herd cows labradoodles, hog tie pigs change diapers, and do arts and crafts clean up dropped Cheerios.  I’m living the dream!

I’m so excited about this summer- Sam will be walking soon (fingers crossed) and we’re going to spend our days making mud pies, swinging at the playground, and chasing Gilligan in the backyard.  Nick and I have already begun planning our camping trips for this summer.  On the list: Elmore State Park in Elmore, VT, Erving State Forest, in Erving, MA, and a week at Danforth Bay in Freedom, NH.  The heat cannot return fast enough.

What are your summer plans?

Tent or hotel?


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