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Sea to You Sushi School


April 1, 2013 by BettyCupcakes

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For Valentine’s Day this year, I didn’t get flowers or chocolates.

Instead, my husband presented me with a pair of chopsticks and an e-mail confirmation page- I was going to Sushi School!  Have I mentioned that Nick is the best husband ever?

Sea to You Sushi School

My class was scheduled for March 2, but I never got there.

I got lost.  Really, really lost.  Our GPS broke months ago and that day I had forgotten my phone at home.  I drove around for almost 2 hours listening to sad stories on NPR and desperately trying to find Sea to You Sushi in Brookline, MA just outside of Boston, MA.  I never found it.  I got stuck in traffic on the way home and by the time I finally got back to my house I was in tears.

Maybe it seems silly to cry over sushi school, but I was really disappointed.  Mostly in Massachusetts’ lack of signs (why don’t you want anyone to find anything??), but also at my lost opportunity for some duly needed free time.  I was given the gift of raw fish and alone time and I spent it in traffic.  Not cool.  Plus, I just really hate getting lost and I do it a lot.  Perhaps I should have been a Girl Scout.

That night Nick went out to dinner with his parents and returned with a Tom Tom GPS and the nice people at Sea to You Sushi let me reschedule.

Saturday was my rescheduled class and I’m proud to report that I was there 15 minutes early.  New GPS for the win!

Sea to You Sushi is a small specialty store specializing in (duh!) sushi. They have all the necessary sushi making items- seaweed, bamboo mats, rice vinegar, and sushi-grade fish.  They also offer sushi making classes, sushi parties, and catering.

Sea to You Sushi School

There’s also a very strange mural where a bunny is riding a fish.  It adds character.

Sea to You Sushi School

Sea to You Sushi School

Class started with some sushi  and safety basics.  Bon Koo is the owner and is quite charming.  His jokes and warmth broke the ice.

Fun sushi facts:

  • Sushi grade fish is frozen for 7 days to kill parasites (yum)
  • Rice vinegar acts a preservative in the sushi keeping the ingredients safe for you to eat
  • Sticky rice is made from short grained rice
Sea to You Sushi School Sushi Boat

Sushi Boat

After a few quick tutorials, we were given free reign over the sushi ingredients and set to work.   Sea to You Sushi School Ingredients

You’re allowed to eat the maki as you roll it and I took full advantage of that.  It’s basically a “make your own maki” buffet.  I made and ate A LOT of sushi.  My favorites were the veggie roll made of carrots, shiitake mushrooms,  sweet potato, and cucumber with spicy sauce and my salmon roll with cucumber and spicy sauce.  Love me some spicy sauce.   Sea to You Sushi School

This is the maki I brought home- how amazing is that?  Even if my rolls weren’t always perfect, they sure tasted good. Sea to You Sushi School

I left with a belly full of maki and smile on my face.  Thank you for such a wonderful experience, Sea to You Sushi!

Are you a sushi lover or hater?
Have you ever made sushi before?

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