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Preparing for a play date |
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Preparing for a play date


July 27, 2013 by BettyCupcakes

How to prepare for a playdate
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So you want to host a play date?  First, you’re going to have to find some friends with kids around the same age as yours.

Easy, no?  I feel like everyone in our circle of friends procreated at the same time, so we are lucky to have lots of little people to play with.  If you’re not surrounded by rugrats, try joining a group on  I’ve found a great group of moms through the site and there is usually something to do every day of the week.

I always love going to the play dates hosted at someone’s house.  It’s always a friendly, comfortable environment and Sam loves the opportunity to drool on another kid’s toys.  This week I hosted the play date at our house and let Sam play host.  He took his job very seriously and gave everyone who came over a squealing, hysterical (albeit short) tour of our house.

Rather than stressing out about getting our house “play date perfect”, I kept things super simple with these steps.

Food for all

Keep the food simple.  This is a play date- not high tea with the Queen.  Muffins are easy to make the night before- I made a pineapple version of my Healthy Blueberry Muffins.  Make sure you make enough for everyone.  It’s also a good idea to make sure no one has any food allergies.  You certainly don’t have to feel like a short order cook, but you’d hardly want to serve peanut butter with a side of EpiPen.

How to prepare for a playdate

How to prepare for a playdate

These are the Healthy Pineapple Muffins.   I’ll post the recipe tomorrow- it just requires a few easy substitutions.  I also whipped up a batch of broccoli bites- these were a hit, but like most things, they’d be better with some cheese.  I’ll keep working on that recipe and get it up soon.

How to prepare for a playdate

Coffee is a must- decaf need not apply.

Clean up- but not too much

Sweeping and a quick vacuum around the house are a great way to hide your dust bunnies.  A full house mopping session and bathroom scrub down is unnecessary.  No mom at a play date has time to give your house the “white glove” test.

How to prepare for a playdate I don’t think my dining room table has been that clean since we bought it.  Usually it’s covered in stacks of mail, newspapers, and wet washcloths.

Hide any favorite toys

How to prepare for a playdate

Clearly you want to have plenty of goodies out for everyone to share.  However, if your child has a special attachment to one particular toy, it’s best for all to put that one away for the play date.  I know that if baby Rose had tried to touch Sammy’s blankie bad things would happen, so blankie took a nap while the wee ones had their play date.

Lock up the animals!

While your dog or cat may be great with your child, animals can easily get stressed in loud, hectic environments, such as the one that squealing toddlers and laughing moms may create.  To keep your guests and your pet happy, put your pet in a safe place with fresh water, food, and maybe a treat to keep them occupied while you’re busy.

And that’s it, you’re ready for play date paradise!

P.S. You’re going to want to sweep and mop after your guests have left.  There are going to be A LOT of crumbs on your floors.

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