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5 Toddler-Friendly Snacks from my Camp Kitchen |
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5 Toddler-Friendly Snacks from my Camp Kitchen


August 19, 2013 by BettyCupcakes

Toddler Cooking at a Campground (2)
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We took Sam on his second camping trip last week to Danforth Bay Campground in Freedom, NH and our dreams came true.  Our sweet 16 month old boy is a truly wonderful camper.  I had my doubts because last year, when he was 4 months old, we brought him there and the week was less than peaceful. 

What a difference a year (and some mobility) makes!  He had the run of the campsite and spent the entire week digging in the dirt, collecting rocks, “driving” the golf cart, and stealing food from anyone who had a plate.  Nick and I were camping with his parents, brother, aunt, uncle, and cousin.  This means we had our pick of babysitters and Sam had an endless string of playmates.  It was absolute kid (and parent) heaven.  Toddler Cooking at a Campground (2)

Clearly, he will be our camping chef in the future- his focus will be minerals and things that are crunchy.  Who’s hungry?

Toddler Cooking at a Campground (1)

Keeping our busy guy well fed also turned out to be pain-free.  Here are my favorite snacks from last week!

5 Toddler-Friendly Snacks from my Camp Kitchen

1. String Cheese

As long as your cooler is stocked with ice, individually-wrapped string cheese will stay fresh for your whole camping vacation.  String cheese is perfect for those times when you need a heartier snack to avoid the “hangry” toddler.

2. Raisins

Raisins are the quickest way I’ve found to raise Sam’s blood sugar when hunger strikes. He is also obsessed with them- it helps that they are generally his only sweet treat.  Pair raisins with string cheese for extra staying power or add toasted oat cereal for an easy toddler trail mix.

3. Instant Oatmeal

Sam woke up absolutely ravenous every morning we were camping.  Thankfully, we had some apple cinnamon instant oatmeal stowed away in our pop-up trailer.  Next time, I’m going to pack some plain instant oatmeal and doctor it up with bananas and raisins- less sugar and just as delicious.

4. Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are the only vegetable Sam will always eat.  Wrap the sweet potatoes in tin foil and place in the coals of a campfire or on a camp grill.  To test for doneness, insert a sharp knife.  Roasted sweet potatoes are done when the knife cuts through with ease.

5. Chocolate Chips

Sam’s still working on his molars so s’mores weren’t an option.  Enter chocolate chips- you can dole them out one by one and watch the chocolate drool commence.  I see myself using these as bribes in the future (not that my angel child will ever need bribing…).

What are your favorite “on-the-go” kid-friendly snacks?

Favorite camping meals?

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