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Zeb's General Store in North Conway, New Hampshire |
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Zeb’s General Store in North Conway, New Hampshire


August 20, 2013 by BettyCupcakes

Popcorn at Zeb's in North Conway NH
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A stop in North Conway, NH is not complete without a trip to Zeb’s General Store.  I still remember coming here on my first trip to New Hampshire almost 10 years ago.  Nick took me to Waterville Valley to go skiing for the day.  Because I’m from Texas (and used to skiing in Sante Fe, NM which is a whole lot warmer), I wore knit mittens and almost lost a few fingers to frostbite.  Rather than just call it quits and head home early, he took me to North Conway.

Entering Zeb’s General Store makes you feel like a time traveler.  You feel, or at least hope, that this must be what it was like to shop in the 19th century.  The store is absolutely stocked from floor to ceiling with anything your little heart could desire- jams, jellies, cookware, candy, clothing, knick knacks, and more.

Zeb's in North Conway NH (2)

The sign below says a local Zeb’s enthusiast made this doll house version.  I need to find this person and make them my best friend.

Old Fashioned Stove at Zeb's in Norht Conway NH

Pickled Veggies at Zeb's in North Conway NH

Maple Syrup at Zeb's in North Conway NH

Popcorn at Zeb's in North Conway NH

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips at Zeb's in North Conway NH

The focus at Zeb’s is New England made goods and foods.  If you’re a locavore or just looking for an unusual souvenir, you will find something to buy here.

Moose Patty at Zeb's in North Conway NH

This moose patty chocolate is both disgusting and amazing.  How’s that for local flavor?

Zeb's in North Conway NH

If you push your way to the back of the store, you’ll even get to meet Zebulon Northrop Tilton, schooner captain and the store’s namesake. On a serious note, why are there not more animatrons in the world?

Bear at Zeb's in North Conway NHOn the way out, don’t forget to say hi to the black bear.

I left with a bottle of Zeb’s own cream soda and it was bubbly and bursting with vanilla flavor.  My brother-in-law grabbed a bag of milk chocolate potato chips and they must have been special because he didn’t share- not one single chip.

Zeb’s is hard to miss- it’s in the heart of North Conway and right along the White Mountain Highway.  Next time you’re passing through Mount Washington Valley, I hope you’ll stop in.  Tell Zeb hi for me!

What’s your favorite local store?

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