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How to Save Money and Still Use Your Keurig |
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How to Save Money and Still Use Your Keurig


September 17, 2013 by BettyCupcakes

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How to Save Money and Still Use Your Keurig | BettyCupcakes.comDespite my keen ability with fractions (thank you, recipes) I wouldn’t categorize BettyCupcakes as a math-oriented blog.  But in the name of saving money, let’s crunch some numbers.

I’ll start by saying this: I love my Keurig.  A whole lot.  It was my saving grace throughout Sam’s newborn days and I give it all the credit for keeping me sane while someone partied all.night.long.

That said, I don’t love how much the pre-packaged K-Cups cost.  Even when I was buying them 80 at a time from BJs (a wholesale club in Massachusetts), the cheapest I could get them for was about 50 cents, unless I had a coupon.  And then I was stuck with 80 K-Cups of the same cup of coffee, which got kind of old no matter how good it was.

According to Earthly Pursuits, a tablespoon of ground coffee weighs 1/4 oz.

In order to get a great cup of coffee out of your Keurig, you’ll need to use a little more than 2 tablespoons so roughly 1/2 oz. of ground coffee per cup.

If you paid $6 for 12 oz. of ground coffee, you’d get at about 24 cups of coffee out of it when you brewed it in your Keurig.  This means each cup of coffee would cost you 25 cents.  Even if your 12 oz. bag of ground coffee cost $9.49, each cup of coffee would only be 39 cents.

I’ll break it down for you:

Pre-packaged K-Cups = ~50 cents

Using your own ground coffee = ~25 cents

That’s half the price!  Boom.

The great thing is that I’m pretty sure all Keurigs come with the reusable filter cup.  If you somehow tossed it, you can buy a new one for $18.

Labradoodle Coffee Mug |

How to Make a Great Cup of Coffee in your Keurig

Add 2 1/4 tablespoons ground coffee to your My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter.

Remove the pre-packaged K-Cup holder from your Keurig.  Place the My K-Cup into the Keurig.  Close the top.  Press the small or medium button to brew.  **This part is important for bold flavor.  If you choose the large setting, your coffee may be a bit weak, especially if you’re using a light roast or flavored coffee.  Choosing the small or medium button will give you a robust cup of coffee.  If you need a larger cup of coffee, brew more.

Serve your coffee in your favorite mug for ultimate satisfaction.  Check out my Ruff Life coffee mug.  It looks just like my labradoodle, Gilligan!

Gilligan the Labradoodle |


What’s your favorite brand or flavor of coffee? 


  • Thanks for sharing this post. I don’t drink coffee but my hubby does and it seems like we spend a small fortune on the stuff. I’ll have to show him this post for sure! Also pinned while I was here tonight :)

    Shauna @ The Best Blog Recipes

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