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Pumpkin Beer Round Up


October 28, 2013 by BettyCupcakes

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On Saturday, we hosted our 7th annual Pumptoberfest party, a celebration of all things pumpkin!  Even though I arrived from Texas on Friday night, a quick vacuum of the house and some store-bought pumpkin ravioli got us in the party mood.  Plus, Pumptoberfest is a potluck and I knew our friends would bring some great pumpkin goodies.  More on that in another post!

The party is decidedly less wild than it has been- think coloring pumpkin placemats with toddlers instead of Smashing Pumpkin shots with 20 somethings.

Pumpkin Beer Round Up | #pumpkin #beer

That’s not to say there weren’t any adult beverages.  Plenty of pumpkin beer was passed around!

Pumple Drumkin Beer from Cisco Brewers | Pumpkin Beer Round Up | #pumpkin #beer #pumpledrumkin

I enjoyed a Pumple Drumkin from Cisco Brewers, which is a local brewery on Nantucket here in Massachusetts.  It’s lightly spiced and not too sweet.  Very drinkable.

Black O Lantern Beer from Beerworks | Pumpkin Beer Round Up | #pumpkin #beer

I also had a sip of the husband’s Black O Lantern from Beerworks.   This is a pumpkin stout that’s rich and almost chocolate-y.  Thinking it would make a killer addition to a gingerbread or a pumpkin cake.

Pumpkin UFO from Harpoon | Pumpkin Beer Round Up | #pumpkin #beer #ufo #harpoonWe still have several UFO Pumpkin beers from Harpoon in the refrigerator.  I cannot wait to try this sweet, unfiltered brew.  
Pumpkin Works Ale from Beerworks | Pumpkin Beer Round Up | #pumpkin #beer

Beer Works also puts out Pumpkin Works.  Apparently, it’s like pumpkin pie in a glass.  Yes, please!

Pumpkin Beer Round Up | #pumpkin #beer

Today is going to be spent tasting donuts in Brockton for edible South Shore and doing laundry!  I’m glad it’s Monday- don’t throw things at me!  I like starting a new week- I thrive on routine so I’m ready to get back to normal after a week of lazing around and eating tons of great food.

Oh, and I joined the YMCA yesterday and plan to go this afternoon.  I guess donuts and exercise don’t really go together, but it’s all part of my Lose the Food Blogger 5 plan.  Hope y’all have a great day!

What’s your favorite pumpkin beer?  

Are you a Monday lover or hater?

  • […] What was my contribution?  Store-bought pumpkin raviolis from Alfredo Aiello’s Italian Foods.  My days of hand making pumpkin filled turnovers are clearly behind me.  I did have an excuse, as I had just traveled across the country with a toddler and had about 12 hours to prep for this party.  The pumpkin raviolis were delicious and they were on sale- score!  Oh yeah, and we bought the pumpkin beer. […]

  • DesignedByBH says:

    I’m hands-down a Monday hater!!!! In fact, it has spilled over into Sunday night at this point! Guess that happens when you don’t care for the 9-5 job…
    I love reading blogs, though, and loved your post on Pumpkin Beer! Makes me want one! :)

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