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A Long Island Wedding |
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A Long Island Wedding


November 4, 2013 by BettyCupcakes

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“I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

~Harry Burns

Pam and I met freshmen year.  We found out that we had both smooched the same dude, ditched him, and kept each other.  Good decision.  

I don’t think I had more fun with anyone in college than Pam.  We even moved in together during our last year.  From magnum bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon to making pretty much every Rachael Ray recipe in existence, she and I were a match made in roommate/friend heaven.  

On Saturday night, Pam, started the rest of her life with her husband, Keith.  

Long Island Wedding |

Nick and I drove down to Long Island for the festivities.  We arrived just in time for me to give her one last hug before she put on her wedding dress.  She was calm, collected, and absolutely gorgeous.  Her dress is from David’s Bridal and there are pockets- how cool is that??

A Long Island Wedding |

A Long Island Wedding |


Anne, another one of Pam’s best friends, made the gorgeous centerpieces.  How cute are they?  Love the burlap and the orange ribbon- rustic, but elegant.

Fall Wedding Burlap Centerpiece |


Y’all know I was into the food, but there aren’t any pictures.  Why?  It was passed appetizers all night long!  A snacking feast, but because I didn’t want to cramp the caterers style I didn’t grab any pictures.  They had macaroni and cheese in phyllo dough (omg), potato pancakes, steak wrapped in bacon, mini beef Wellingtons, arancini, cheeseburger sliders, coconut chicken, pork skewers, sesame chicken and more.  To say I was stuffed after this wedding would be an understatement.  Snacking all night was the perfect way to keep us fueled up for partying (and drinking).

I was truly impressed to find out that Pam, her future sister-in-law Caitlin, and her mom, Martha made all of the dessert!  There were three kinds of cupcakes: Pumpkin Toffee with Cream Cheese icing, Guiness Chocolate with Jameson frosting, and Vanilla Bean with Vanilla frosting.  For research purposes, I tried them all.  Research says: amazing!

Wedding Cupcakes |

Sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies were also a huge hit.  I think Nick ate 4 chocolate chip cookies- they were that good!  Pam said she made the dough ahead of time and froze individual dough balls.  Then she baked them off the day before.

Wedding Cookies |

After a long night of eating, drinking, and dancing, the husband and I headed back to our Holiday Inn and crashed hard.  I was thankful that Pam had so kindly timed her wedding to coincide with Fall Back.  With the wee one at Nana and Papa’s, I enjoyed every minute of that extra hour.  Bliss!


The next morning, Pam’s mom Martha hosted a brunch so we could relive the night and share pictures and more hugs.

Brunch and Breakfast Food Spread | #breakfast #coffeecake #quiche

On the table:

French Toast Casserole | #frenchtoast #breakfast

I had an absolute blast catching up with Pam and celebrating her new marriage.  I think if it were an actual career, I would become a wedding crasher full-time.  Dancing and cake everyday?  Yes, please!

What’s your favorite flavor of wedding cake?



  • Glad you had a good time and congrats to the newlyweds!

  • Kenneth Goh says:

    It is such a joyous ocassion to celebrate. I am sure you enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing. from DBB

  • Allie says:

    So cute! I love the part about you both kissing the same guy and ditching him. Gotta love best gal pals! :)

  • Emily says:

    You had me at passed appetizers all night long! What a great (and delicious) idea! Glad you had fun and best wishes to your bff on a long and happy marriage!

  • jhanis says:

    I love weddings! There’s something about them that renews and refreshes your trust in love. :)

  • Kat says:

    Love her gown. From your photos, this looks like a lovely wedding. My eyes were drawn to the french toast casserole.

  • If I could go back and change one thing about my wedding it would be to add pockets to my wedding dress, brilliant! She’s gorgeous and this looks like a beautiful wedding.

  • I love her dress! The pockets are clutch. And we did cupcakes at my wedding too – it was so much cheaper than cake and SO much better!

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