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Cupcake Charlies in Plymouth, MA |
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Cupcake Charlies in Plymouth, MA


November 22, 2013 by BettyCupcakes

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It’s the Friday before Thanksgiving.  If you’re on the ball, you’ve already shopped for your ingredients and your turkey is happily defrosting in your refrigerator.  Maybe you’ve even pre-made and frozen your homemade cranberry sauce or dinner rolls.

If you’re me, you’re still finalizing your menu and have a grocery trip planned for Saturday morning.  Nothing says “Happy Thanksgiving!” like a healthy dose of procrastination.

No worries, family.  There will be food and plenty of it.  I just might not sleep next Wednesday.  It’s all good.

Cupcake Charlies in Plymouth MA |

If you’re looking for a short cut, might I suggest serving cupcakes from Cupcake Charlie’s in Plymouth, MA?

S'mores Cupcakes | Cupcake Charlies in Plymouth MA |

Somehow, despite my cupcake-eating ways, I had never tried these treats until this Fall.  I was missing out!

Frosting Shots | Cupcake Charlies in Plymouth MA |

They have a ton of flavors!  We tried Grammy’s Carrot Cake, Chocolate Overload, Oreo, and Pumpkin Spice.  I wish I had pictures of the cupcakes I bought, but unfortunately the box fell to the ground and they all got smooshed!  They were still totally edible/amazing, but not super pretty.

Cupcake Charlies in Plymouth MA |

I loved the blue formica tables and retro chairs- I’m a sucker for anything diner-style!

Cupcake Cookies | Cupcake Charlies in Plymouth MA | Cupcake Charlies in Plymouth MA |

They even have Cupcake Charlie fluffies!  How completely adorable are these little stuffed cupcakes??

Cupcake Charlies in Plymouth MA |

They mix up the cupcakes and frosting in the store front which just makes it feel so homey, like you walked into your grandma’s kitchen and she was busy baking.

Life is Short...Eat a Cupcake | Cupcake Charlies in Plymouth MA |

And who doesn’t love this motto?!

Here’s to a very sweet Thanksgiving for all of you, whether you buy a cupcakes or make it yourself!

  • Foodie in WV says:

    Those cupcakes look great! I have my menu together, but I haven’t started the prep work yet :)

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