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Thanksgiving Preparations Continue |
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Thanksgiving Preparations Continue


November 26, 2013 by BettyCupcakes

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French Memories Bakery Cohasset MA |

Tuesday has been a nonstop Thanksgiving prepping party!  Here’s a non-typical day in the life of a SAHM and food blogger.  But really, is any day typical?

The wee one and I started our day dropping the husband off at the “choo-choo”.  Then, as a special treat, we stopped by French Memories in Cohasset for some pastries.  We tried the Josephine which is an apple, orange, and cranberry tart and a raspberry twist, a pastry wrapped around raspberry jam.

Tart Josephine from French Memories Bakery in Cohasset MA |

Raspberry Twist from French Memories Bakery in Cohasset MA |

The staff at French Memories was so friendly and didn’t mind at all that it took Sam a full five minutes to pick his pastry.  They also have the most adorable food-themed stained glass hanging in the windows.  I’ve got to grab a picture next time we stop in!

French Memories Bakery Cohasset MA |

Once we got home we played with Gilligan, our labradoodle, in the yard.  Had to get that energy out so we could do some cooking!

Next up, we prepped ingredients for Thanksgiving.  My Cuisinart food processor made quick work of shredding cheese and chopping all my celery and onions for my cornbread stuffing.  Then, we toasted/nibbled the white bread and cornbread for the stuffing.

Thanksgiving Dinner Preparations| #thanksgiving

Then it was time to move some furniture!  We swap our living room and dining room every year for Thanksgiving to make enough space for the tables.  This was the first year doing it in our new house, so Sam and I played a game of furniture Jenga.  We also got to find all those dust bunnies that have been lurking under the far reaches of the couch.  Yay for vacuums

Thanksgiving Dinner Set Up | #thanksgivingTip: If you’re moving furniture alone, slide towels under the legs and just push the furniture where you need it.  Saves your back and your floors!

Thanksgiving Dinner Set Up | #thanksgiving


Despite the mountain of cooking I still have to do to stick to my Thanksgiving game plan and the couch that’s still blocking our front door, I’m sipping a glass of Baileys and about to head to bed sometime before 9 pm.

How are you staying stress-free during the holidays?

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