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Weekly Meal Plan: February 23, 2014
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Weekly Meal Plan: February 23, 2014


February 23, 2014 by BettyCupcakes

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This weekend was pretty low-key.  Friday night we met friends at Stockholders in Weymouth for cocktails and appetizers. I tried the Gold Rush- loved it!  I’m all about the whiskey and bourbon cocktails lately.  It was so nice to get off the couch and catch up with good friends.

Saturday was laid back. We spent a lazy morning at home with chocolate chip pancakes and a whole lot of coffee for mom.  The big excitement was the wee one’s second haircut.  He was a champ and now looks SO grown up.  Stop time now!

And now, let’s talk about meal planning.  I’m actually a pretty hardcore meal planner.  I have  a little chart I fill out every week and budget our money down to the dollar.  

Even though I’m diligent with my planning, meals have still gotten a little “by the book” around here.  Protein, vegetable, starch- rinse, repeat.  In an effort to kick it up a notch, I thought I’d hold myself accountable and post our weekly meals and grocery hauls here.

This week I shopped at Trader Joe’s and Wal-mart.

Trader Joe’s Groceries (total $98):

Trader Joe's $100 grocery haul

Wal-mart Groceries (total $40):

WalMart grocery haul


Nick and Sarah: crustless quiche with ham and broccoli ala this Tex-Mex Quiche with Ham and Salsa

Tex Mex Quiche with Ham and Salsa

Sam: eggs, pancakes, oatmeal, banana pancakes (egg and banana only)


Nick and Sarah: leftovers, chicken, salad

Sam: sweet potato fries, chicken, yogurt, eggs, fruit


Brown rice cakes, hummus and carrots/cucumbers, cheese, yogurt, fruit, spinach smoothies, granola bars


Sunday: Nick’s birthday dinner with family.  Bacon Pasta and salad + a yellow cake with chocolate frosting (check out the wedding-style birthday cake I created for his 30th birthday!)

Monday: Pasta e Fagioli with sausage soup from my giant yellow Good Housekeeping Cookbook

Tuesday: Nick’s actual birthday!  Per tradition, Rachael Ray’s carbonara pasta and roasted broccoli (with leftover birthday cake, if there is any).

Wednesday: Clean out the fridge night/fend for yourself!

Thursday: Baked chicken + sweet potato fries + rice and peas

Friday: Figure it out

I like to keep one or two nights free from planned meals.  It forces me to use up what we’ve got in the house and keeps me from over-buying in case we end up out to dinner one night.

Our weekly budget is $200 and that includes ALL meals, diapers, household items, etc.  Some weeks I end up with a little extra in my pocket and other weeks I am counting down until Friday!  If you have any delicious and inexpensive meals to share, feel free to leave a link in the comments.

What meal are you looking forward to this week?

(Clearly, I’m only interested in the birthday cake- happy 31st, Nick!)

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