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A Daniel Tiger Birthday Party
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A Daniel Tiger Birthday Party


April 15, 2014 by BettyCupcakes

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Daniel Tiger Birthday Cake

The wee one turned two and we celebrated with our favorite striped mammal: Daniel Tiger!  It was GRR-rific!

We invited our family and pretty much everyone we know with small children over for a party.  The birthday boy was thrilled to be the certain of attention all day!


If you’ve watched as much Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood  you’d know that they eat A LOT of fruit and vegetables.  There’s even a show about how to be a good vegetable taster (not that it’s convinced Sam to try broccoli, but whatever).  To keep it simple, I just served fruit salad with pears, grapes, and strawberries and some chopped veggies with hummus, yogurt dip, and guacamole all made by Trader Joe’s.

Fruit Salad for a Daniel Tiger Birthday Party Veggie Tray for Daniel Tiger Birthday Party Texas Chip and Dip Serving Tray

The blue corn chips were a major hit with the kiddos (and the wee one’s great nana was also a fan!).

_MG_7028 Daniel Tiger Birthday Party Favors

Daniel lives on Jungle Beach so it was only appropriate that we give out buckets and shovels for party favors.  Oh, and mini monster trucks.  That’s how we roll.  
Daniel Tiger Birthday Cake

Cake toppers made by Sushi Doll on Etsy.  Thanks for crafting so I don’t have to!  They turned out great and came very quickly.  Etsy seller LuxePartySupply also supplied the invitation pdf that I had printed at Staples.  So adorable!

Daniel Tiger Birthday Cake

To add a bit of drama to the day, the cupcakes completely stuck to the pan when I tried to take them out.  That’s for another post, but…out of the chaos- cupcake crumbles were born!  Mini-trifles of homemade white cake and buttercream frosting.  Not exactly what I had in mind, but they were still mighty tasty.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a tutorial about how to decorate a Daniel Tiger birthday cake, this isn’t it.  I just kept smudging and swirling and piping until the cake loosely resembled good ole Daniel.  PBS has a whole series dedicated to the Daniel Tiger birthday business, though- check it out:

_MG_7068 _MG_7073

The day was a success.  Sam even said “WOW!” when the cake was set in front of him.

Parenting WIN.

What is your most memorable birthday moment? 

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