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Easter Baskets for Little Boys and Big Ones |
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Easter Baskets for Little Boys and Big Ones


April 19, 2014 by BettyCupcakes

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Easter Baskets for Little Boys and Big Ones

I actually remembered to make Easter baskets this year.  For the first…oh…6 years of our marriage, my husband would bring me an Easter basket filled with goodies, only to discover that the giant furry bunny had left him diddly squat.  Oops.  

Now that the wee one is here, I’m trying to make holidays a little more special for all my boys.  Even Gilligan the labradoodle will find some freshly baked doggie cookies from our local farmers market tomorrow morning.

Easter Basket for 2 Year Old Boy

Sam’s Easter basket includes all things a 2 year old boy could possibly want.

  • a new Berenstain Bears book (he is obsessed with them right now!)
  • Monsters University band-aids (boo-boos GALORE these days)
  • an Elmo sippy cup for smoothies (also loving on the furry red guy these days)
  • a Cars flip key (to hopefully convince him to give up mine a little easier)
  • a bath tub fishing set (to inspire him to take a bath sans tantrum)
  • 1 Reese’s peanut butter egg (because they are AWESOME)

Easter Basket for 31 Year Old BoyThe husband’s Easter basket is a little more low-key.

  • a new book to read on his commute
  • Spearmint gum
  • Mini Cadbury eggs- his favorite Easter candy
  • 1 Reese’s peanut butter egg

I was so filled with Easter basket fervor I even made one up for my neighbor who just welcomed her 2nd baby boy.  She’s getting chocolate granola cookies and chocolate granola (filled with 5 kinds of chocolate!) and some sweet potato cupcakes.  What mama doesn’t need a little extra chocolate after having a baby?!

The happiest and most peaceful of Easters to you and yours!

What is your favorite Easter basket treat?

Bunny pictures- yay or nay?!


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