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Gingebread Chewbacca Cookies |
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Gingerbread Chewbacca Cookies


December 21, 2016 by BettyCupcakes

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Everybody’s favorite wookie, now in cookie form.

Gingerbread Chewbacca Cookie |

I saw this video from Buzzfeed last week and immediately fell in love. With winter break starting today, I decided to treat my little Star Wars fan to an afternoon of wookie baking. I figured even my non-crafty self could handle wookie cookies. And I was right- it was awesome!

Sam is pointing out the one Chewie who didn’t get any fur. Whoops.

Gingerbread Chewbacca Cookies |

The most difficult part of the process was the eyes. I had to put the melted chocolate in a new baggie and cut the absolute tiniest hole possible. I’ll be honest, not all Chewies look as nice as the ones below, but they all tasted pretty good!

Gingerbread Chewbaccas- you earn the BettyCupcakes seal of approval as a non-stressful, perfect for kids 4+ project.

Check out the full recipe and instructions at Buzzfeed.

Gingerbread Chewbacca Cookie |

Happy Wookie Baking!

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